Just Annoyed Really.

For most people, when someone says they'll always be there for you, thats a lie.

I have 3 close friends and only one has proved to me that, she WILL always be there for me. And she is.

One of them only calls me either when she wants to go out or if she's in trouble. And thats fine! Because I want to be there for her. But when I'm upset or hurting or just want someone to talk to, she fails to even pick up her phone. I literally have to blow up her phone to have her answer. She's pretty much a party girl, so I've manage to let that go.

Now the other person, who annoyed me to the point of posting on this site, is someone I've known for about 8 years. She's a close friend and an on and off girlfriend. You say that you love me and you wanna say that you'll be there for me, but yet you're pointedly ignoring me.

I'm not trying to sound clingy, but if you're someone whos important to me, like REALLY Truely important, and you claim that I'm the same for you, then why are you putting me off like that? I had some really good news to tell her today, something that I think she would enjoy hearing because what happend was actually pretty funny.

Since I know she likes to go on twitter, I decided to give her a tweet and thats when I saw she was talking to one of her friends, which is fine because its her life and her friend. But here I am waiting for a reply and she doesnt repsond to me at all. Instead she keeps talking to her friend, which I dont really understand, because I dont constantly bug her about ****. So I text her the same thing I said on twitter. Still no reply. I just wish she would have told me that she didnt want to speak to me. I would rather her do that then just ignore me and have me wondering if I did something wrong.

Its just messed up. I know **** like this is small but if annoys the **** out of me. Its like I go out of my way to be there for people and when I simply want to talk to someone or when I have a problem, no one manages to come through for me. The only person who IS there for me is currently in Ohio on vacation and even she manages to give me a call back and make an effort to talk to me.

At least I know who my real friends are.

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So what is the situation now? just curious.

I can relate so much. I got a few fake friends who do this on Twitter...

I think you are been unrealistic, people can be there for you but they also have a life to lead, you can not expect someone to drop everything they are doing every time you call or twit or text them. We need to appreciate what we have, so if you have three friends, one drops everything to attend to you whenever you call that's great, the second one might reply only after your third attempt of reaching them and the last one could take days but either way they all reply eventually. You need to recognize what each friend bring to the table and appreciate each one of them of it but if you are comparing all of them and expect them to respond the same way, then you are going to be disappointed and might end up losing a good friend. Think about it.

Listen, freezywater. Let me just state some facts real quick. You dont know me. I dont know you. I dont need to think about anything you're trying to say to me right now because you dont know me enough to know what is going on in my life or what I do everyday. So, before you start judging me from an old post, trying to give me advice that I dont even need like a know it all & then telling me to "Think about it.", you should really just ... Think about IT; Before you post it. Because honestly, you're really getting on my nerves with your comments. Please do not comment on my posts anymore.

For someone that does not get annoy easily, I've only posted two comment on your stories and I'm getting on your nerves. I am not judging you, my comment were based on the stories you posted, I was only trying to get you to see your blindside perhaps there is something that you have over looked, my comments were generalised and can apply to anyone in similar situation as yours, you need not get your nicker in a twist but you need to chill.

The fact of the matter is that you dont know me or what I think. You dont know if I know my so called "blindsides" or not. You arent me so you dont know and yes, you ARE judging me and I dont appreciate it so like i said earlier, please stop commenting on my stuff. I dont need your advice. For all you know, I could already be trying to work on my issues to be a better person. Keep in mind that this post was written months ago, so, your advice is not needed. Simply leave me alone cause you arent helping.

And if you want to get smart, at least know your facts. I said that I dont get mad easily. Being mad and being annoyed are two different feelings.


She isn't being unrealistic. Noone wants to kiss anyone else's FEET.

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I agree. It sucks. Just tell me. Why play games?