It Sucks...

Being ignored is not cool at all, but what can you do if someone or some people ignore you. Sometimes I take it personally when "friends" ignore me because I'm not as "cool", as "smart", or as "good-looking" for them to be interested in me. What do I do when this happens? I ignore them back! Usually it's really hard for me to do, but I know that it takes time. The only bad part about that is my loss in interest in them begins to be more permanent

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Lol I don't "get" girls to talk to me. At the time of this post, I wasn't talking to many girls

Wow! I wish i was you cause if anything i get ignored by girls not all but most and if anything guys usually don't but it depends. How do you get girls to talk to you anyway? Maybe it's because i'm not tall enough or attractive.

Lol Nah I don't think most girls are like that. The people I was referring to in my stories were dudes by the way

I really hate that! No offense but most girls do that just to look good in front of there friends or a dude they like.

That's true. And I've met some people that would ignore just to get some attention

Hahahaha. I admit, I used ignoring as a way to get back but mainly as a defense mechanism

I'll be waiting :)

Yeah sometimes it does but i just distance myself from them whenever that happens

thanks sassy and bleeding. <br />
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The "squeeky wheel gets the grease" category is an interesting analogy lilAnnie.<br />
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"...shouldn't be friends with someone who is critical of who you are." That's exactly how I feel sometimes Tekkamaki.

I'd never ignore you, my friend!

The silent treatment hurts. But should friends really think down on others for not doing the same things? I'd rather split ways then succumb to peer pressure. I'd ignore them too.<br />
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If it is any consolation, it went worse when it did happen to me because I didn't ignore them. I said something. <br />
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But people who judge you don't want to be told they are doing anything wrong or getting judged back. So the response was really terrible, full of insults, and I wished I would have just ignored them in the first place.<br />
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...shouldn't be friends with someone who is critical of who you's a signal to lack of forgiveness maybe? Lack of something...I know that...

This problem comes under the "squeeky wheel gets the grease" category. People with large personalitys get attention. Or even some quiet people have that aura about them that gets them noticed. Us normal slobs can only stand back and marvel at the performance. And get our daily dose of human interaction when we can forget ourselves and focus our attention on genuine one on one interactions.

This is referring to some of the friends I had at school. A few of them I thought I was best friends with ignored me for stupid reasons (like me never drinking) in my opinion or because I wasn't getting girls, etc. So basically I would get the I-barely-know-you-but-hey-anyway look and they would simply not talk to me or anything! This happened to me with some friends I've known for years. Of course I took it personally and had ignored them back. I haven't spoke with them in about year I think.