Fading Away

I think being ignored so long by my husband has made me start to disappear. I ignore myself. Maybe it hurts too much to pay attention. There are moments I glance in the mirror and look away. Feeling that I don't want to see whose standing there. Not paying attention to what I need. Overlooking myself like he does. I'm walking around but its just automatic and without purpose. Turning away from myself is easier than meeting my eyes and looking. Ignoring me and all that comes with me, just to go another day. Fading into what I was, becoming invisible.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
5 Responses Dec 10, 2012

This touched and saddened me. I just days you've made a real and positive impact on ME! Back when I played WoW in a roleplaying guild we'd always part company with the phrase "Journey Well". WHY does this story make me wish I was an 8 foot tall Night Elf and could put my hand on your shoulder and say Journey Well?

Aww, thanks. That's awesome to say. I appreciate that. :)

Our minds require acknowledgement and validation in the same way our bodies require food and water. For most, instinct takes over eventually and we are driven to find what we need. Don't give in to invisibility.

Im not!!! :) Thanks I felt I needed to admit it. So...here I am!

I'm glad, then. And for the record, I see you.

:) Thank you

You need to make yourself happy dont stay were your not and if you cant fix it

stay strong!! dont let a person that is not worth it put you down! you are worth a lot

Sweet of you to say. Thanks!

I see you just fine. Believe me, I couldn't ignore you if I wanted to. In fact it's usually the opposite, you driving me to distraction! ;)