Why Do Men Ignore Their Wives?

  "Being deaf in your voice range"   is the best excuse a husband  can use on his wife. He could just admit he is going deaf, but he doesn't even want to wear his glasses, so how can I expect him to wear hearing aids?

But my guy is true blue except for his love for Barney. Who is Barney, you might ask?  ,   Well he allowed me to choose the color of his Harley and name it      . It's Purple.

I'm not supposed to ever call him home when he is on a trip.. One time our 2nd son was about to undergo a heart nerve zapping procedure, his heart was stuck in high gear.
I told him , "I think he might die !'          Well, that lit the fire under him and he drove 20 hours from Colorado except for stopping for fuel, and he was fighting a head wind all the way.. He made it on time and our son came through the surgery just fine.

When I called him home from work because I was in labor, he sat down and leisurly ate his lunch. He was right that time, we had plenty of time. It was just the idea of being ignored. But when he compared seeing his son being born to watching a cow giving birth, I wanted to reach out and pull the rest of his hair out.

One time, I accidentally locked the baby in our new van.   I thought the heat would kill him so I called his job. He came running to my aid. But the school called the fire station and the guy beat him by opening a window and they found the smallest Kindergartener, and slid her through the window.

Now I use him for a crutch sometimes to help me walk, so I guess I really shouldn't complain very much. THE END
Boshie Boshie
66-70, F
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