Really Can'T Stand Being Ignored!!

I really hate being ignored!! When you have spent most of your life being ignored and you come here to ep to get away from that only to be ignored by a different group of people it is actually demoralizing!!

When those people say they care about you and value your friendship how are we supposed to believe that when they just ignore us, ignore our feelings especially when they know you well enough to know how their actions is going to affect you.

When having a conversation weather it be by text, by chat, by mail whatever its a conversation so why is it so hard to tell us if you have to go. Just disappearing is disrespectful, rude and very bad manners

I guess for some , on line friends are just someone to pass the time when they have nothing better to do, to just alleviate the Boredom when they are doing mundane tasks. They don't seem to consider these friends as being real people with real feelings and for some , an on line conversation maybe the only conversation they have had that day, that week! Do they get some sort of power trip over keeping others waiting for them to respond?

I have come to the conclusion that my expectations and my morals are too high maybe for social networking sites. I am a real person, with real feelings and one that above all really cant stand being ignored!!
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1 Response Jun 19, 2013

iv have found many men on ep stop talking to me because im not a flirt...