Why Now?

Me and this friend have been friends for about 5 years and became "best friends" in the past 2 years in those two years we went through alot with each other, supporting each other and doing the things friends do, then all of a sudden BAM im being ignored!!! all my attempts to call/txt/email are being ignored and I cant stand it. I dont believe I have done anything wrong I know she hasnt, I do know there is a chance that her mind could be consumed with other things atm but that still is no excuse, the least I could get from her is "sorry i dont feel like catching up" or something, its only been this past week or so, at the beggining we made plans to catch up for lunch, then later in the week I went to call to confirm and i was ignored, I sent a message... IGNORED!!! I reall dont understand, if she is going through a rough time, thats fine, I'd understand I have held her hand through much tougher times than what she would be going through atm (her father passing)

I am soooo angry, upset and frustrated!!!

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

That is so real, I've had similar experiences and I just don't understand it. I can break it down in 2 ways: <br />
<br />
1. I've noticed myself acting similarly without realizing it. Sometimes I just don't want to talk to anybody so I don't reach out. Usually, when I get incoming messages I do respond but it is slower than usual. So I do have to recognize that there is an ebb and flow in relationships. Espescially somebody you don't see everyday like a family member or co-worker.<br />
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2. Many times, after a long hiatus that I don't hear from someone, after repeated calls or messages from me, then we pick up again and to the other, it's like nothing has changed. They were just busy. Boy it drives me crazy, but in interacting with the person, I recognize that there was no ill will on their part. For whatever reason, they just didn't get back to me. Maybe I'm just way more concientious than others?