I hate it when my husband just ignore me everytime he hears the truth.
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This is not proper behavior to have in a relationship... if there isn't complete honesty, I'm sorry to say this but, this isn't a relationship. Relationships of any kind always involve TWO, not one person and someone who is just thinking only of themselves. I would be thinking; "Oh, OK! That's just nice, go right ahead and ignore me all you want *******. But, how dare you not care about your own daughter enough to make some compromises."

Yes, he doesnt want to get professional help coz he is very embarassed by it. Thank God my daughter has stopped biting her nails now. But I hope he will definitely get professional help to stop or even minimized his obsessive compulsive disorders.

And the truth is ?

the truth about his disgusting habits like nail biting , ear wax and booger eating things like that. And take note he doesnt wanna call professional help when it comes to this big issues.

Well if that's his child hood habit then it's difficult for him to lose it. . No professional help is needed just try to say him nicely don't show him the disgusting way

hmmm its hard because its affecting our daughter , shes actually doing these things as well. Its a some kind of a serious OCD problem. It isnt just a childhood habit and recently the most disgusting thing he does is BUTT picking and he sniff it afterwards.

That's disgusting. . But tell him how u feel

huhuhu Sometimes I just cry, I feel sorry for my daughter.

I hope he will understand. .but do tell him in a way he takes it...

Its because you said that too many times ? Cuz most men dont like having their lovers as their moms. Its like when you get irritated when your mother tells you to clean up your messy room (from my experience). But i understand how you feel cuz it seems disgusting to me too. And please trying avoiding arguments when your daughter is around. Wish you the best

Yes I guess thats the reason why he doesnt wanna listen to me. I think I am worse than his mom in telling him off. Its because his own daughter gets affected by his bad habits., thats why sometimes I get so angry .

Thats really hard for you :-( and ik tht cuz its the same situation that im in with my horrible stepfather and my lil sister is attached to him more than anything. Keep your chin up ! You'll go through this eventually. Good luck

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