I just hate those types of friends when you're talking to them and they ignore the crap out of you for no reason at all and make you look like a fool in front of others like they think they're important or some ****.
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That's usually a sign that those people aren't your friends

Ik but i just dont understand like one day we were cool and the next day she ignored me and acted like i was a complete stranger. Thats messed up cuz i would never do that to someone :/

And thanks for your words

Yeah. Trust me if happened to me too. ( The day right before my birthday). It's one of the hardest things you'll go through but once you do you'll be a lot more self dependebr

That sucks for you :/ but yeah its just energy draining like i gave that person my time and attention and yet still.... I guess i have to give her the same treatment.

Don't do it. If they don't want to pursue or try to make your relationship a two way street don't stick around. It's their loss.

Yeah you're right actually like they dont deserve me :) thanks a lot for the advise

I know the feeling too well.


Yeah thanks for talking to me cuz i just needed to get it off my chest :)

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