A big pet hate if mine being ignored... Cannot stand it...

Not trying to be disrespectful to men or anything... Or cause a stir there, I know all men are different.

I have had a few men ask me for my number want to be involved with me, and I have had each of these men say how beautiful I am, even one of them I fell for and he said he loved me too but then all of a sudden no warning nothing I just then get ignored... I send more messages and I know there getting then because if technology now on most apps and messages it says 'read'. We are all adults if you no longer want to talk to me tell me rather then ignore me. I then start to think it's me that's why they ignore me but it's not I think it says more about the person that's the ignorer...

Thanks for reading peace and love xxx
Gaffa1234 Gaffa1234
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Oh, yeah. I feel your pain. That sounds annoying.
As for me? It's my sister, it's annoying how she a lot of the time disregard all I say.
It's rather weird of her to do, like, what? We're both adults now.

I am ignoring you right now.

My ocd wont let me NOT respond to mail.
if its there.. In my inbox.. I simply HAVE to respond...
hope you are getting along with all your stuff in life...i know it is difficult atm...
keep your head held high.. And keep that smile shining brightly xxxx.

love and kisses 💋💋...
superman 💝☕