Okay seriously. If your busy tell me!!! I friggin hate being ignored. Like I can't even tell you how much I hate. & especially when it comes to clueless D.A guys. You can't say you like talking to someone or want to talk to them yet text him 30 minutes to an hour later. No, if you don't text back within 20 minutes just dot Easter your time talking to me. I'm not obsessive of whatever the hell you want to call it, I just can't stand someone ignoring. ANYONE.
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Me too is your busy just say it to let me know. Otherwise I think you ignore me or lost in the conversation

30 to an hour later is not that bad, unless it's like a one word response,

Yeah, it kinda is. Why even bother texting someone back an hour later? It's pointless Bc the person done forgot what you were even talking about.

I don't know, you could be busy, or thinking about and writing the response, or you were procrastinating.

Try talking to that person so that they know that it bothers you. I know that sometimes I'll fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, or I'll take a little long to text if I am playing videogames. But sometimes you just get busy and forget to text back. I also have friends that I don't like to text because they either never reply or they text me "k, lol, etc." so I just hang out with them in person and just don't text them much because I know that they will not reply to my messages. But just talk to them. They wont know that something is wrong if you don't communicate with them.

effin A. I meant them**