Talk to Me...please

i hate being ignored. i have been in this relationship just past the ten year mark. he ignores me. i am tired of being ignored. i ask---what's wrong? nothing. as he walks away from me. i ask---where are you going? for a he walks away from me. he hates me being on the computer because he constantly thinks i am having illicit affairs. but im not. you would think that he should know me after ten stinking years. am i bitter? after being ignored this long... why am i making myself live through this? ten years!!! one child who is 7... why? i am tired of wondering to myself why? why am i living ...wondering why. he tells all kinds of people.. strangers even!-- whats wrong with our relationship. why wont he tell me? does he secretly hate me? is he just here cause he couldn't make his last great relationship work?? wtf??? i am puzzled as to why this ignoramus makes me feel sooooo unworthy. why dont i just leave him? lol. i want to conciously give it a go. i am conciously giving it a go! I am still here trying to hear him. he doesnt want to leave. i have asked him to. but he won't. now there he is ---walking away again.

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

sounds to me like the guy is a big baby who tho he likes being alone alot---is too chicken to fly solo all the time.

Hello. I'm listening to you. The voice sounds familiar. I'm not sure the problem is you, the male species just seems to be lacking lately. I have been with my man for 16 years, still hoping things will improve. Don't get me wrong we have our good times. It just doesn't seem to outweigh the bad, though.