Gone Never to Be Seen Again

It all began some years ago, i met this guy he was everything you could ever wish for the only problem was he lived on the other side of the world. but that didn't matter we feel in love, so we would call each other every day and night we would exchange sweet emails everyday as well....for over a year this continued.

He travelled for his job all over the world, but we had planned i would come join him in Turkey....but my daughter became ill putting that on hold...when i was able to travel he had gone to Africa for his next job....

This is when everything started to change, first wilh the calls then the emails i just could never reach him anymore and when i finally could all we did was argue then he would hang up on me....i was lost i didn't know what was wrong and not being able to speak to him was such torture....with every passing day a little more of me would die.

Then out of the blue i would get the sweetest message he would have me hooked again i would be flying high on cloud nine again....very short lived it would be because again he would disappear without a word a all.

then one day i got a call, and was informed both he and his daughter was involved in a serious accident....but when i asked for information they just hung up on me...i contacted the local authorities and they wanted $5000USD for them to investigate and pass me the information.

its been many years now and i was never given any report and i never found out what had happen to him or his daughter.....they have just gone...where? i still today try to locate them but have had no luck.....

Gone Gone Gone is all I'm left with but why would people just ignore each other like this....why would they just not even send a message through mail to say they are OK....i know they are alive because i called there embassy to ensure there deaths had not been reported and was informed that it had not only that there was a request for US doctors to perform two operations on people with their names.

so I'm left with the sense of loss............. 

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This is what happens to a wild pussycat. Sometimes your prey gets away. There is more prey out there. Who knows, you might find exactly who you aree looking for. Good luck

Yes i thought that also but his daughter finally made contact at christmas, she said after the accident her father became very depressed, was never the same again...she appologised for not making contact sooner but she was given the impression that i had no wish to see them agin untill she was read an add i placed..i have no hard feelings im over it now..im just glad now i know they are alive ...im just sad he chose to cut me off all because he thought i wouldnt handle the condtion he was left in after the accident...shame on him his loss. :-(( well life goes on.

I hate to say it, but i think the man of your dreams may of been a married man, and worst still you were his bit of floozy, hence the sudden gaps until the end.....if it was a case of he had fallen out of love with you...why not just come clean about things....sorry but ive a very suspicious mind, and have come across similar stories from people i personally know..have a great day :-)<br />
Ray x

This is really sad. He should have some how informed you. May be there must be something which he did not wanted to tell so that you do not get hurt..<br />
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I hope you find out what happened to them, for your own peace of mind than anything else.<br />

No it is a change of direction and I honestly believed he did love you. As I said sometimes you have no alternative.<br />
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It so wrong but people text goodbyes and some are dear john letters(I get lots of them). Sometimes its hard to let go when when your pride is hurt and you are asking why. <br />
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Try writting a letter and ask him to do the same to help you with your closure. Explain to him you have moved on but this has been eating you inside.<br />
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Send it to any family that you know and hopefully they will forward it on.<br />
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We can not have closure if I had a dollar for every dear john letter or John we have to talk. I would own a casino.We sometimes just have to accept this as part of life.<br />
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Good luck

i understand what you are saying but you dont go from I LOVE YOU BABY to nothing in a day.....and i would have know prior to them going to Africa, i could read every one of his moods and knew when he would say all was great and it wasnt....but i have moved on in the sense of wanting to be with him to just wanting to know they are ok.....is all i want nothing more.<br />
thanks for your comment<br />

That was a sad story. I too had a similar relationship I spoke to her everyday and opened myself to her. I/we had the best intentions and a connection like no other.<br />
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One day you realize it wont work for whatever reason and what do you tell the other. You want to to work you tried but how<br />
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Just cutting all comunication is harsh but sometimes its the best thing to do. I know its upsetting but you have to move on.