I will have a complete tantrum when ignored!


I hate it and will drive you crazy until you acknowledge my existence. It's not nice and it's hurtful and if you want me to go away then tell me so otherwise ANSWER ME!




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4 Responses Oct 1, 2007

We all have people read our story and then they don't say a thing. I have tried commenting on my own story but it seems a little egotistical. I like to tell about my son's top secret USMC stuff, as if I might be captured for spilling my guts.. He said they were on the news last night but couldn't say what it was about. He admitted they weren't the ship that got stuck on a reef somewhere. Well that only left one incident.. A submarine had the periscope up and a destroyer ran over it. I wonder if the big ship felt much, or if the sub sprang a leak? I think someone was asleep on the radar detector, or just wanted to be sent home. Who wants to spend months in a tin can? ~ So there "mysplitpersonality" you have a comment so don't have a tantrum, why don't you write a little more? My goodness, you have 4,852 stories. You could be a great writer for all I know, but my husband said I better go to bed early even though 4-5 hrs is all I can get. I should wake him up in the morn. He didn't even notice the cat dragged in a mouse or maybe a shrew, and was tossing it around. All the nearby yards have moles or shrews, but two cats are good news.

It happens to me all the time and I am mad and not going to take it anymore. Crank up the music. remember the movie FM.


I have tantrums when I'm ignored too. Cause it hurts.