Am I Not Good Enough?????

That's exactly how it makes me feel... Not good enough. Like what I have to say or need is insignificant to whatever you are doing or thinking. I feel almost hurt by it... No, I do feel hurt by it. Maybe it's a self esteem thing or a middle child thing but being ignored makes me feel like an idiot. People ignore you in ways some others won't even notice. For instance, my boss will come up to me and ask about my family I will share a story and then ask about his but rather than answer he goes into something that he needs for me to do. That is a clear indication that the entire time I was talking he was thinking about what he wanted to say so that he wouldn't forget it. That's why it came out as soom as he realized I was done talking... Therefore ignoring me. My husband does the same thing... Or if I start talking he will act interested and then turn the TV up. What is that????? Does he think I won't notice?? I just hate to be ignored...
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i have found that in life it is often a thing i call"the opposite phenomenon"<br />
we meet someone for the first time our impressions are they ooze confidence, are trustworthy, successful, got it together, happy, comfortable. beautiful etc. the truth, when we do get to know them, more often than not always turns out to be "the opposite".<br />
i have taken more true friendship from the real people, the ones who aren't posing, often hurt as they know how to love and be treated, ones who have had to struggle as they know true empathy and friendship, ones who have been ignored as they know how to listen.<br />
i prefer the blemished people as like the fruit they are the sweetest, i prefer the hurt people as they are the tenderest and their friendships are real gold.

I think that those people are popular becuase people don't want to p i s s them off. Ya know??? And then other people (like us I guess!!) get struggle becuase the people we think are our friends try to walk all over us... sheeeesh

It drives me insane too. I don't know how these people can have friends and marriages. In fact I am resentful that such rude people can be so popular and here I am, kind and considerate, struggling to make any friends.

Like the quote... I guess I never thought of like that... But I refuse to take blame because someone else is (whether intentional or not) being rude. I don't feel as though I need them to pay attention to me; just be respectful. At least pretend to pay attention for goodness sakes. I dunno... When someone doe this to me more than once I just learn to adapt to the way they interact with me. But there are some people that it seems it's just thier personality... I just couldn't imagine being blatantly disrespectful to someone... But you're right... I guess the 'Golden Rule' doesn't apply as much anymore...

Yeah, it's strange cause if I try to explain to someone they think that I'm paranoid... Well maybe I am... :)

Oh wow I thought I was the only one who noticed that kind of ignorance...