Hello Out There!!!!

I'm a shy person , until I get to know someone , and I'll be a concerned friend, and hopefully I can be of help to my friends, and enjoy a laugh or two. At this moment in time I have only my "on-line" friends...of which I care about...I belong to 3 other sites, with 3-4 friend on each...only one ever stays in touch...I'd send them "comment", to there "post" , then someone will make basically the same "comment", and get a response...but not me...
I don't need or want to be the center of the "party" so to speak, But it would be nice to know if someone is hearing me....
mike1957 mike1957
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man i know how you feel...u can get to know me if you want..i wont ignore you and i will always answer..if u ever want to talk message me..im here..hugzz. feel better

this was my "comment" to a story in this "group"<br />
"hate to be ignored" ....<br />
<br />
And don't you just hate it when your asked your thoughts about something, and in mid sentence, someone jumps in ,and begins to talk about a completely different subject, and just leaves you hanging....<br />
<br />
<br />
I was originally speaking of being ignored ,as to what I may have to contribute to a conversation...not to the quantity of friends I have...this was the point I intending to make. perhaps I was unclear to this specific point. in my story..then I superimposed ,your comment.to this "post", and thought you were commenting on my "comment to another persons story.<br />
..I am glad we were able to clarify , each other's thoughts. And I find myself in agreement in your statement.<br />
<br />
Warmth's comment, <br />
I'm referring to the quality of our friendships is more important than the quantity<br />
<br />
I regret any misunderstanding<br />
......I truly hope you , to have a great day.<br />

I think we have all written stories that we thought would get numerous comments that only got numerous reads. Try not to take it personally when someone appears to overlook a comment. I have found that sometimes the comments come so fast thatit is hard to respond to everthing.<br />
Mike1957, this site is full of people who care and will stay online all night if necessary to help someone in pain. If you haven't found those people in your circle just keep looking. They are here. I believe this site offers something for everyone.<br />
If you want to add me to your circle, I would be honored to be your friend.

To ; Warmth....<br />
<br />
Me in a nut shell , or at least in the lyrics to a song.<br />
<br />
"Simple man Simple dreams"—by [ Linda Ronstadt ]<br />
<br />
" When people don’t know what you mean , they may laugh at you and call you green, They may say your words are stupid And your plans are only schemes . Truth is simple, but seldom Ever seen , Let nothing come between , Simple man , Simple dreams.<br />
<br />
I truly am a simple man ,with simple dreams

I always make an insightful effort to respond to someones post, but that's mostly cause I think it's rude not to, but usually people will regret making that post to begin with, cause then I carry on and on and just can't seem to stop talking about the topic. I have been ignored on forums too, one of which I have long since left when I found this one.<br />
<br />
I think this place is a little more mature than other forums. But then it all depends on the quality of people you talk to as well, such as I don't friend everyone that friends me here, I don't seem the point if we don't have any of the same interests or experiences. But if they've got something to say, then I will friend them.

Warmth<br />
are you saying I have no quality, in what I say.????<br />
So anyone just interrupt me in what I may be saying ??

Thank-you AngelLynne,,,and may I say a very pretty name.