Disappointed With My Bf's Sex

I've been dating with him for over two months. Yesterday we were going to do sex for the first time. I've wanted this sex for a long time, however, I was disappointed. His penis was not hard enough to go into me. How come young guy would be like that for his first sex in relationship? I was upset, in fact.

I have higher sexual drive than others and i've been having hard time to repress my desire. Anyways, I don't understand what's wrong with him. Maybe he has low sexual drive? Or does it have to do with his "heavy" body? (he's little bit overweight and he drinks energy drink frequently).

Now, i am little bit worried what will happen in the future. After it failed, i was trying to hide my feeling in order not to hurt him (he must have been worried and embarrassed of himself), however, I guess I looked really unhappy.

If it goes on like this, i am even not sure whether our relationship will stay. If you guys, have experienced this kind of thing in your relationship and you have able to solve it, please give me some advice and share your story.

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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I disagree with ninjaDevil. I am 300 lbs and I am horny all the time. Just probably first time nerves. if your face pic is accurate, you are hot. high expectation, unable to meet it to begin with.

SO how has it been sense?

Extra weight makes for a decreased drive.