My husband had intimacy performance problems for months and yelled at me for it, saying it was all my fault. I believed him.

Now I can't stand him touching me and he's angry that I have no interest in intimacy. He says that, even though I still let him get on me, I ought to show more enthusiasm for sex. Get happy, get horny, he instructs me as he thrusts on top of me and I make a mental grocery list to keep myself from crying.

My relationship is only sexless for me, but I hate it.
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Thats a shame you seem like such a sweet girl !!! Although it may seem cruel but refusing your husband sex altogether instead of letting him get on top of your and satisfy himself my force him to deal with his issues. I'm no expert but not getting sex when you want to for a man does force a dialogue and conversation if nothing else

There's no dialogue to be had - we've said everything that needs to be said, and I still feel the same way about being with him.

So maybe you should get a divorce and be with someone that would appreciate you for who you are and all you bring to the table

Like me

I am so sorry!! You shouldn't have to go through that.