My Sister Is The One Who Causes Most Fights In Our House

she screams at our parents neverly every night. screaming in my ear while I am trying to make dinner or deserts... 

she gets people to the point they want to break down and cry or murder

you have to live with her to understand just how hard she is to live with 

her tantrums and bullying and demands and controlling

her threats and power controlling

my sister has poisoned my life ... 

if people heard the things she said to me they would be shocked

she ruined my education, ruined my vagina and love life, she got me molested and blinded me for half a day when I was only a little girl of 3 or 4.

she throws shoes at me and forces me to go out with her male friends. she stopped me going out with a boy I knew at university out of jealousy

she yells to the point I just wish I had a guy to fall into his arms and cry ... 

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3 Responses May 5, 2012

no wonder david called her spastic because she is a spastic little girl like Joyce and like all little trouble making little girls who just need a good boot in the cud!!!!

mum just yelled at her telling her to "get out" this happens a lot ... ever since I was a child. no one else matters but her... and all her husbands... all she ever says is to our mother and father ""your not my parents in my heart, I do not like you. I don't care what happens to you. and your a mongrel family. your are all spastic you are the most spasticated family . I am the most educated out of all of you I have completed a course i am clever than all you. you didn't have to look after my son when I was in hospital (well who else was supposed to the neighbors?) .. and you will cop it in the face and yyyeh and I want to choke you "" this has been going on for years and years and years... !<br />
<br />
or she screams out ""I want sex and you can't ffff me"" the neighbors hear this and why the police don't come and take her away for mentally uncontrollable animal and noise pollution.

she has every yelling at each other ... she forces people into their bedrooms to hide away.