She Loves Causing Fights

my sister is not happy unless she has everyone fighting with each other.

she says the most awful things you can't imagine the pain she says to me all these years 

and I have helped her so much with baby, jobs, husbands, money 

but never enough for her. 

she thinks she is perfect and we are all to blame all the time.

she screams and yells in our ears til you give her what she wants.

she demands and bullies to get her way. 

my sister will be the death of me.

she can''t bare to see her little sister look a pretty bride or find real love or professional life

she says to me ""I want you to find someone"" and I says "'been there and done that. every time I try to find nice man I get bashed.  since rapes not wanting sex the same way anymore""  here was me had to make out it was ok when it was not... spent all my life hiding in pride and shame about abuse and no more.  

sex is a hassle.... sometimes I want it but I want someone better than I have been handed before. 

I want someone who can offer me life and family dream not just waste

not taking anymore fat ugly men... I only want hot guys or nothing now.

i will not go through what I went through ever again and I will assert power over people now and get violent with much pleasure with people if they push me too far. 

my sister needs to stop her fighting all the time with our parents and stop taking everything that happens with him out on us.  

my family don''t want to own her we want rid of her ... 

that girl is killing us all .... til she get s her own way ... she will kill this family.... she will kill us til she gets what she wants which is him living here in Australia. 

its not my fault men I like don't like me.  I try many many times and then give up with too much pain. I look in the mirror and think what is wrong with me that a nice young man can't treat me like a princess and come over to me and say the love I want and take time with me ... to make me feel better 

why was my sister allowed bring men home and date and have sleeping in her bed at night here in the family house but Joyce would not allow it for me? why????  my mum and dad let my sister have sex with boyfriends in our house and they would have let me also .... so why JOYCE so viciously say NO to me !!!! for me to have a young man in my bed in my house??? 

why was katy allowed to have a boyfriend visit her family house and have sleep in bed but not me... ? why louise allow marry or brig or Joyce and have baby but me not allowed to.... and she try to control and push men like ken into bed with me in a hotel when I wanted some better man 

she don't have the right to tell me who to love.  she don't have the right to force me to have sex with men I do not like. she don't have the right to make me look fat so she can feel better than me.  JOYCE always the winner .... how about me winner??? 

how about me be money winner and cute man winner for once? 
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dont make alot but im cute