I Really Hate It... But I Ignore It Now

i am not a storywriter so i do it short:
people have said furfag, yiff in hell and other much worse things to me... and that is only because i show that i am a part of the furry fandom ^-.-^
first week in furry fandom i met a furhater at youtube and i don't want to repeat what he said... now i think youtube have banned him... but that was just the first of many...
many people just judged me for this single thing... and i feel misunderstood.  i think the only reason of why they judge us is that they don't know us...
why do people generalize on a group of people they dont even know? 
so many prejudices they just make it difficult for every one to be themself. 

i dont care if you like yaoi, cub stuff, anime or what sexuality you have you're all ok to me... unless you begin bashing/hurt others! 
mariusceriksen mariusceriksen 18-21, M Jul 6, 2011

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