I've always been the "wild child". I switched schools in 5th grade from a small private school to a giant public school. I've been popular since then but last year i was going through an awful time and my crowd kinda switched to the "wrong crowd". you know the people dye their hair wear black have piercings but they are such better friends than all the preps. they are amazing people and so fun but last year we had this huge drug bust and a lot of them got kicked out and so now every one thinks i'm a druggy when i've never done drugs in my life. i lost a lot of preppy friends but it proves that the preppy ones weren't even my real friends in the first place. every one will say "guilty with association" but i'm not going to ditch my friends who have helped me with every thing and i have so many memories with. but now i have a lot of gossip but they aren't the people i'm friends with i'm friends with some of the nerds because when you get to know them they are cool .the jocks the guys the girls that are just normal some preps some geniuses some of my fellow band people. my true friends are amazing and i wouldn't trade it for anything but i just wish those people would stop the judging.
sln888 sln888
18-21, F
Oct 27, 2011