By Whose Authority?

I believe there are more people willing,keen and eager to judge others in 2012 than any other time in my life.I do not believe this is a natural developement which has found popularity in society.I do not believe anything in society is by chance,accident or coincidence.Every change has been charted and is part of a covert agenda which has been slowly,but surely,working towards its goal.And as you would expect,its the ruling elite who urge those who support them,both knowingly and unknowingly,to completing their vision of the future.Logic would indicate overpoweringly that the future the elite wish for is one where they not only retain their power,wealth and influence,but develop their grip to grasp their greasy pole ever tighter.They are aided in this by technology which not only are the masses ignorant of,but which many,if not most,would not even entertain as being possible.This is very useful to those who use every means at their disposal,along with new methods discovered by them,to manipulate/brainwash/mind control society.Ignorance is encouraged in those they wish to control,knowledge is power.
By now you may be asking"Whats this to do with this group?"
Everyone in this group has been misjudged enough times to find it undesirable and unfair,to the point of becoming a member and making a statement to that effect.The common factor is opinions,opinions of people who are not qualified,able,informed or fair in the way they formulate their opinions,happy to take someone elses word on anything from dogs fouling paths to accusations of murder.People who have no idea of a fair hearing,or giving the accused the chance to expose any lies about them.Word of mouth is enough for these self elected juries to believe they have the right to criticise and sometimes harass the person accused.This is obviously a very flawed perceptoin on their part,being unfair,unjust and open to abuse from anyone with a grudge or dislike of another.
It is these same people,the self appointed guardians of society,who in their deluded faith in their own wisdom and right,who laugh when hearing of secret agendas,and consider every conspiracy theory as paranoia,nonsense or trouble making.This is every bit as foolish as believing every conspiracy theory to be true.And its exactly as the ruling elite wish it to be and have worked towards ensuring it is,with even more control over us all very much in their planned pipeline.
By whose authority?
By the authority of a corrupt,greedy,callous and self loving establishment.
You remember the school bullies?They were probably very useful in spreading the lies and deceit,having been so receptive of the laws of the concrete jungle in their infancy.
So perhaps we should all remember to find out the truth concerning matters,whether it be people,conspiracies or what the authorities claim to be true.
It could,if applied,change the world for the better of ALL of us.
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
51-55, M
May 14, 2012