They Are Names But They Still Hurt

Everyone says "Oh just ignore them and they will stop!" or "Say something nice when they insult you!" But they will still call you mean names. I am a nice person. I try to be nice, but I'm only nice to those who earn it. I have been called names like '*****', 'too shy'. 'jerk', 'stupid', '***' and 'brat'. They might not mean anything at the moment, but they hurt. And people have judged me because I change my mind to much. It's stupid. I just hate it when people jugde. The sad part is that none of the adults really cared until kids started killing themselfs. Then they where like "Oh so if I don't do something I'm gonna lose a child." geez. I just wanna say "LOOK! YOU SHOULD OF DONE SOMETHING IN THE FIRST PLACE! AND IF THAT DIDNT WORK TRY HARDER!"
TopKitten TopKitten
13-15, F
Jun 7, 2012