So What, As Long As Ur Happy

no one seems to understand when i say that i want to live my life. now i know this sounds like some stupid tenage saying but even as you or i get older i still want to live my life the way i feel like it should be lived. i know everyone makes mistakes and makes bad decisions but at the end of the day is ut not their right to make whatever mistake they want. i know what amkes me happy and what things do not make me happy. but at the end of the day if you or what you want does not make me happy then why would i listen. i would rather listen to the things that will put a smile on my face. i want to enjoy my life. i have my battle scars and now tht that part of my life is over i want to enjoy the rest of the time i have left. i think people waste their life too much. we only have today so why the hell would i waste it. nothing happens twice the excat same way as it did the first time around. and we cant go back and change our mistakes or bad choices, but we also cant go back and do the things we thought we should but didnt. why would i waste today and right now on something that i do not find all that important in the long run. i do not think everything happens for a reason but i do think that there is a plan or goal out there for evryone ont his planet. i wish that people could just stop thinkin and worrying so much. we can not plan ahead for everything. and when someone lives in the future and constantly is worrying thenthey do not get to see what is right in front of their faces. i know i am not exactly the one who should say anything about living and shyt but i do know what disgusting things live on this earth. i have seen the worst sides of people and i know what it is like to be alone. but it is those things that make us stronger people. without the hard things in life then we could not appreciate the good ones. i love to breath air and run in the rain through a cornfeild. i am the first person who would make afool of themselves just to make someone i care about laugh. i would shove my face in a gallon of icining if it would make someone realize that life is not so bad. there is so many good things out there and i just do not think people should miss those things. espiecally if they are causing it on themselves. i do not like wasting life and time. we only have a certaion amount of time here and why would i waste it. so what is my matto. but as simple as it sounds it is the truth. so what seriously. do not stress. while soem stress is ok but too much and you will go insane. when bad things happen i just say so what. yes i would need some healing time but a lot. bad things happen everyday and the world unfortunatley still goes on. i do not focus on the negative in people the only thing i care about is what you have to offer me or why u were placed in my life. maybe u just fell from a vine next to jack's bean stalk. maybe you crawled out of the ground after chillin with the magma for a while. wherever u came from i just like to think about how u make me happy. so this and that happend. but why would u dwell on it. instead think about what u can do right now that u bring u pleasure. like right now if i had a balloon that would travel me to europe that would make me happy and it puts a smile on my face thinking about it. yea so it most likely wont happen but it makes me happy. lets live in the imaginary world for a few hours and see what fantasies we can enjoy. what do you think?
shootwithstars shootwithstars
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012