What's It To You :/

Yes i've tryed to kill myself OKAY so i dont get why people that dont know me can judge me like you dont know what the **** i go though every day So who the **** are you to judge me.
ohmylife ohmylife
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Yep though even when they know my past they treat me the saim like if I had lied. Hew are theye to judg me.

I dont hav frends. I dont hav loved ones. The ones tha judge me are bullies and family. Theye do it out of hait. Leaving me slowly dying inside

They say thing like: stupid, retard, sphico path, an awful purson, mentaly ill, extra. Truth the reason I act like any of that is to keep me alive, honestly im smart. I know why not just stop being like that. Well just becaus the way I look people will still call me tha crap. Thers mor but I tend to ignor it. So pleas stop with you saying that all their judging and practicly insults are corect. And for the record I think the girl hew wrot the story died.