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Some of the most judgmental people I "know" are here on EP. They assume they know a persons whole life story based on the few stories they have posted here on EP. I am an awesome person with bad girl desires, and for that, people assume that I have no education or that I am not continuing education. I enjoy sex, so therefore, I must be a dumb wh0re. Truth be told, I am no dummy my friend. I am just on this site for sh!ts and gigs. I do have a life outside of EP.
I do not judge people. Everyone has different wants and desires. Everyone has different interests and lifestyles. That is what makes us US. Just because I may not be into the sames things as you, I still love to hear about it because who knows, maybe I might be into it after all. -except buttseks. I'll never be into that ;)

Get to know people before you judge them. Everyone is awesome. Get to know their awesomeness. You might be surprised.
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sorry for showing up so late to post ......I try not to be too judgmental. I try sometimes to bring up a point of view just because no one else has. But there are still some things that I just have voice my true opinions on. If that makes me judgmental then I will just have to own the label . that all being Said, I learn something on here every day. Mzcalle, you schooled me today, I had to look up Buttseks to find out that it was just good old buggery.
P.S It is extremely old school thinking that loving sex and all things sexual makes one a *****. Who said ****** are dumb?

Thanks Turnkey

people are always judged. every day.

you rock hard c0ck