Does It Make You Feel Like A Big Person?

Honestly does judging me before you even know me make you feel so big and tall so mighty and invincible. Don't you feel awesome trying to compenstate for your insecurites? People tend to judge me before they even make an effort to talk to me one glance they think they know everything. The way I see it is I feel sorry for them that they missed out on an opportunity and a potenital friend if they weren't so judgmental. But I just keep my head up and think of it this way it's not that I don't deseve them they don't deserve me
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6 Responses Dec 13, 2012

You appear to be new here on EP, and it sounds like you maybe referring to individuals around you. Looking at your groups, profile, and this single story, it is difficult to get to know you, but I will withhold any judgement. You bound to be a interesting person, because you are willing to share your inner being here on EP.
I wish you the best.

those that close a blind eye to true possible friendship in the form of a style they dont understand they make assumptions because they are to afraid not of you but to venture from their comfortable little securities you are beautiful not because of what you wear not for the music you listen to not for the blind judgements that people make about you, you are beautiful because you are exactly who you are you are beautiful because of your heart and your soul and you are beautiful because of your insurmountable strength to keep your head up never to give up simply because the world marks you as someone you are not

That's exactly right. I think that's probably what they're trying to do too, and it's just stupid.

Thats exactly how i see it also...
When people are like is their loss NOT mine and i am better off without them anyway

Sorry for you, It Happens to me too, Its hard to take it.

I am not here to judge. I am looking for interesting friends.

want to become friends and talk?