Do Not Judge Me.......

Judge me and I will prove you wrong
and most likely tell you off
say I am not worth it, 
and watch where I end up,
screw me up, screw me over....
I will play the same game twice as bad,
you have no me crazy....
you just see.......

I say it one time and one time not judge me. You come to my page, see my stories, see what I write about, like them or not, I do not really care...but judge me on them, well that is whole other story you will not like....I amy write explict stories alike, many different variations...look at me, see my face and assume you think I am that paticular kind of woman...think not come on my page, do not come into my groups and spew your not like what you see...get the hell out...I can be the most loyal friend....or I can be your worst decide...and decide carefully...I can be sweet as sugar, or the sour as alemon...leavign that foul taste in your mouth....walk that fine line with me when you come to my EP world and have balls enough to pass your judgement on me....oh there is more to this face staring back at you when you come to my not assume anything!!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi SassyBabe, I understand how it feels to be harassed! I haven't read your page, but I can feel the intolerance & anger that you write with. I'm harassed also because many people only love my avatar & so many men want to have sex with me. The 1st is just annoying after hundreds of it, the 2nd ****** me off! I don't know your grievance with them, but hope things will change for you. Take care. WM

Hmmm, I haven't busted anyone on they really are men, but thanks for the heads up!
Fake people bother me too. Even more so the ones who think they are so righteous! I have strong spiritual beliefs, but never tell anyone or judge anyone who has different beliefs than mine.