That pretty much sums up my feelings about being judged. I understand it is human nature, but why do we have to be so cruel to eachother? This constant judging starts from even before we are born (judging our pregnant mothers and present or unpresent fathers) until we die. It is especially horrible when we are adolecent because human acceptance is SOO important to us, and when people have the nerve to judge us--especially when they personally do not know us and "walked two moons in our moccasins" we are devastated. I am not saying that I am only a victum of judging (which I am, without an end), we all mentally judge others by appearance and mannerisms, it is the gossip and ridicule which needs to stop. Without all the evils that come with our judgemental human nature, the world would be filled with happier people.
Averyace Averyace
Jan 23, 2013