You Don'T Know Me!

Those that see me on Q & A who have never spoken to me through PMs or otherwise,you DON'T know me at all ,you only see the silly side of me ,the side that shows me having fun....this place is my escape from lifes drama! I don't seek attention in the least in fact i avoid it in real life...we are all here for different reasons.

Nuff said!!
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10 Responses Feb 15, 2013

I was trying to write something like this too.. though i failed.. :P.. anyways I know u're nice even though i don't know u.. ^__^

Well said Jazzy, brilliant!

Hi,there,I hear what you are saying but if you create an image you are going to be judged whether it is true or not ,it is all people have.

WELL SAID !!!! Love your name , puts very erotic pictures in my mind !!

Very true. This site is primarily a release for many of us! Diplomacy should also be practiced by some people... I am not directing that statement at u jazzy!

theyre just jealous coz they want some attention too

"fools speak hate to hear their own voice"

dont take it to heart cupcake <3 *hugs*

feck em

I totally relate to it.. f_ck them.. they don't know yur life until they live in it..

I do:-P
But yeah your right.... the amount of people that see a few Q's or A's and think they 'know' you better than you do yaself.... its stupid!!! I get it all the time too... apparantly Im a lesbian man hater wit ha attitude problem that knows nothing bout the real world :S

But hey theyre the stupid ones so feck em!!! =D

Exactly!!! *hi 5's* I just had another one btw.... not attention wh0ring ere honest... hes been stalking my profile and commenting on my answers with a load of BS!!! *blocks him* Honestly lol some people!!!! xx