people should not be judged by their skin color, sexuality, or the way that they dress. People should only be judged by the way they act towards you as well as how they act towards other. so don't judge anymore before you know the real truth.
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Everyone judges, even you. There are different levels of judging, there is first and second impression. We all make judgments of people ba<x>sed on what we expect. We start by looking at how they dress and look. You're right that judgments should not be ba<x>sed on race or gender, but let me ask you this: You are charged with a felony crime and you hire a $500 an hour top level defense attorney you have never seen yourself, but who comes highly recommended. The lawyer shows up in a pair of cut-off shorts, a dirty torn t-shirt and his papers are unorganized and crumpled. He sits down and it rapidly becomes apparent that he hasn't bathed in some time. How would this make you feel? Before he even speaks to you would your confidence in a rapid acquittal slip at all?Or maybe you need brain surgery. You meet the neurosurgeon and his hands shake visible and when he speaks his grammar is horrible. Would this give you any confidence in his ability to save your life?So you see even you judge ba<x>sed on looks. The trick is being willing to change your mind about such judgments. Maybe the lawyer just finished a camping trip and felt getting to you sooner was mare important than cleaning up first. Maybe the doctor was just in a car accident.As for others it's important to remember that the opinion of most other people matters not at all.

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