That's pretty much everyone, but I'm starting not to care what they think, but it's that no one would want to be my friend
Fred363 Fred363
18-21, M
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How about you become part of 'they', you'll feel good whence you start saying "we...."

I don't want to be like 'them' because they aren't who I want to be (not saying it mean, that's just how it sounds when you read it)

Well, I was gonna say go on and get new friends.... But I know that's not easy especially if you are intellect! I say that course I've been through that myself.... It's easy to find friends if you do bad things....

Yup, and I don't do the things they do, so it's also not that easy, I don't have too many friends anyway and they aren't bad

Hang in there buddy! You will be fine!

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