And I Become Mad As H ***

when i was a child my life was bad.i got attacked by a group who found me getting food out of a dumpster.they nearly killed me.i have had freaky accidents that have nearly killed me.i went to "thearpy"for 10 years.and all it was is here have a pill.i know there are some who had it rough.and a lot worse than me.i never assume that they didn`t.i was attacked by those holyer than thou people because they seen me as sub human.if your going to be judge,jury an executioner,remember their are others just like you that might see faults with you also.i have held my tounge on many occasion,but don`t attack me personally and think i am going to let you slide,i didn`t live through all that i have by being a push over.i am sorry if i hurt anyone,but that attitude sends me right back to the moment when i was seen as sub human.i am not going to be silent when that logic raises its head.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
Mar 26, 2009