Condescending Talk About My Age

People around here always judge me because of my age, because of what they pressume to be, an ignorant time in life. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them :) I would do almost anything to be a healer, to break away from myself and do something for others, for a change.  I know I can be of help.

I dont want to hear you think Im playing games, that Im not taking this seriously, you wouldnt understand because you're too young. I really dont get condescending talk about my age. There are a lot of young people here you have experienced a great deal, so hear them out because we all have something to say and please dont judge us.

ConLocura ConLocura
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I COMPLETELY agree. So what im so young? If a 10 year old went into a room and didnt come out for 50 years, then came out, would he be wiser then a regular 50 yearold?<br />