Led On By A Girl I Fell Too Hard For

I fell for a girl, unfortunately. I adored her, wanted to give her everything she wanted.

She claimed to love me, to care, to want to be with me.

But she had a catch - We wouldn't officially date until we kissed.

But I'm shy, and she (claimed she) was too. So, we made an arrangement to kiss in private, practice and explore.

But she kept making excuses.. so I decided to kiss her in public.

So when I leaned in for the kiss, she yelled out 'ew, f*cker!' and slapped me, humiliating me completely...

The whole time, 4 months of friendship and more, all to embarrass me in front of 40-50 people.

So, that's my story.. saddest part? First love, would've been my first kiss, and my first girlfriend..
DjKleven DjKleven
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013