Does It Ever Stop?

Hello! I'm Jennifer. I'm a 25 yr old single mother, of a 5 yr old son. I work as a home health aide.

It seems everytime I turn around I get lied to. The last 3 guys I've dated, LIES!!

My client I work for, she lies bout selling her pain pills and stuff. It's just ridiculous. My sons father lied to me, ALOT during our 5 yr relationship. He stole a CD player out of someone's car, lied to me and said he bought it. GRR!

I try to keep myself away from these kinds of people, but if you lived where I do, you'd definitely understand, its hard!

Does it ever stop, the lies?
missinghim07 missinghim07
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

I keep trying to make myself believe, that if I give people the space to make mistakes, to lie and be deceitful, yet forgive them anyway and love them despite it all, that one day they will see I can be trusted with the truth. Hasn't happened yet... We are strong enough to handle the hurt of the truth! Why will no one see this...