SHE Lied to Me

My sister in law told me something about my father in law. So i went to my mother in law and asked her was it true did my father in law molest his daughter? well my mother in law said no it was a lie. what was so bad is my daughter was at the time 12 years old and my parents in law wheree raising thier daughters (the grand daughter) .well i went back spoke to my sister in law some things just didnt make any sents. i belive my sister in law , what dont make sents is if her dad mollested her why would she put her daughter in danger like that? becalse i feel once a molester always a mollester and no child is safe around that person. well my father in law was dyinng of cancer in june it was bothing me i dont know why but it was i fleted bad so one night we stayed all night with the in laws . everyone had gone to bed . all but father in law. so we was wathing tv i told him i needed a answer , so i asked him did he mollest his daughter? he looked at me and said do you belive her? i said iam not sure but i think some one did. all he could ask did i belive her. a question with a question. well i told him if i found out that any one ever touched my daughter they wouldnt have to worry about going to jail , and i told him what i would do . he said i would go to jail , but i told him that wouldnt matter becalse i got one mollester never to hurt another child. i told him i dont care . and i felted sorry for the old goat, i told him i was sorry for telling him what his daughter was telling everyone. well he passed and his daughter did his 1 hour ugliy , and i commented his daughter acted more like his wife . than his daughter , i felted that was disturbing . well we got home and mother in law broke and told me she lied to me about him molesting his daughter oh it was only oral , she was still a vigin . boy talking about making me mad , i let my daughter stay all night with them , i know if i would have confronted her how could she lie about something like that , i know she would just give him excuses! then she went on as a matter of fact llike it was no big deal i prayed for years god would take his s ex drive away . boy i just didnt know what to say . i was expecting her to say thats boys being boys , then she went on to tell me that his first born son jr not my husband was acting up , well what the truth was the son by another women did the same thing. i just for the life of me can have a relationship with her becalse of her big lie . oh she said he never touched the granddaughter i never lefted the grand daughter alone with him on and on, what makes her think i would ever trust her ever again that she could lie about something like that now i know why her daughter is a nut case. iam i wrong not to want a mother daughter with her? rate my story please if you feel my story has touched you and please i would love to hear what you think. thanks i tell you what i cant belive she could defend that man. aim i wrong to be so pi ss ed off at her...

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you said it

Wowwwwww lord have mercy...

Wowwwwww lord have mercy...

thank you for your coments. see my sister in law's family didnt belive that she had been m olested by her father . i didnt know myself what the truth was and i wanted the truth . i confronted him his words to me was do you belive her ? i told him i didnt know i hadnt made up my mind but i did feel something happend to her . i was very concerned then i asked my mother in law she lied right to my face no didnt happen . i belived them both , then i asked myself would my mother in law adopted her daughter child(grand daughter ) would she set her up for abuse ? any parent would ask thier self this . and i am the kind of mother that would have went to the police if i feted my daughter or my kniese was in danger , i had as a child no one to protect me when i was molested as a child . but i wanted the truth so i watched i didnt see any clues of abuse none . so i felted the times i let my daughter spend the night they both were safe . then after my father in law died that day we my mother in law my husband sat down and she just came out with it . i lied she said we both asked what lie? she said it was only o ral s ex . i was so angery to put it mildly . i went after her confronting her about she put both girls at risk , becalse i felted once a m olester always a m olester . she didnt nothing but i feel inable him she gave excuses after excuses<br />
and i do know she feels she did the best she could at the time and i do know all women dont react the same when this happens to a child . i wasnt belived i wasnt helped . but i do know my daughter wasnt touched by him . the night i confronted him i told him what i would do if i found out he touched any child included my daughter , i threated his life i ment it . his responce was i would go to jail , i told him it would be worth it to stop one molester hurting a child . i know its wrong to think like that but now time has passed and i would something very diffrent like go to the police . i would use my head . .

Let me put it this way. I have never met a woman to tell the turth. (the whole truth) God had nothing to do with these lies. GEEEZ

So, I was right. You see I know what it feels like to have a mother that is unsupportive and in denial. They make you think its in your head or there's something wrong with you. No matter how much you try to fight back you're helpless, and labeled troublesome, crazy, complainer, etc. I feel for your sister in-law. I'll bet you part of the reason she is unable to cope with parenthood, is her own fear of what she had endured, and constantly having to second guess her parenting decisions. I'm sure God gave her a girl for a reason but sometimes, I'm sure she may have been a better parent had she had a little boy instead. Either way, I hope everyone finds a way to work through the pain and memories this man left behind. Try to talk to your sister-in. Try to show her you are there and that you understand. I would even suggest you offer to find her free counseling. Good luck, and god bless.

when i first married my husband oct2005 my sister in law came to me<br />
telling me that her father my father in law molstested her at a young age, i wanted the truth<br />
from my mother in law and him my father in law well they both lied, they both said it didnt happend . i even asked my husband becalse there was so much that didnt make sents to me like why would my sister in law let abuser of a child take her child and raise her daughter , this upset me becalse of my childhood and i have a daughter clost to the grand daughters age , and if he had abused her why would she let this happen . so many things i needed the aanweres to and i didnt want my daughter spending time where there was danger of any kind, well as i said they both told thier little lies ,and my husband was younger and<br />
he told me he thought a family member did it a uncle well that was only half of it . i didnt want to take my sister in laws daughter i just wanted the truth . well i got lied to after the man died the day we came back from putting him in the ground she my mother in law admited she lied to us. i was so mad then she went into the excuses of well back then i was so helpless and the law didnt do nothing , i had her examaned it was only orla and on and on , so i fired back so does that make it ok does that make <br />
you feel better thats why you give your daughter excuses for being like she is mental as she called it . i would have never let my daughter stay all night with them if they would have told the <br />
truth . see i was molested as a child and the family members did nothing like they did <br />
nothing . i wanted to keep my child safe and her grand daughter safe and belive it i would have <br />
gone to the police and reported him father in law or not, i dont condone those that molest children.<br />
i contfonted my mother in law i told her when you dont help a child out you condone the abuse.<br />
my mother in law couldnt tell me anything more but karla i did the best i could , itold her her best wasnt<br />
enough for her daughter and what about her grand daughter them raising her was she abused<br />
then she told me oh i make sure little a wanst ever lefted alone with him. well this made me so mad <br />
she told me that her daughter couldnt get over it ,it was the passed . i told her yeah it was the passed<br />
and the attuited like just get over it no wonder you and her dont have a good relationship.<br />
but as for the real reasion that she adopted her daughters daughter its really beyond me my mother in law says she took her daughter becalse she was unfit and bi polor she didnt have a proper home for her she was drinking and partying and sleeping around , but as for the things that went on it was alittle befor i married into the family ,but you can know i would have riased a stink about what was going on. his mother i still will never trust beclse some things you just dont lie about to any other mother that has a child and puts a child at risk . so her and i still dont get alone very well she knows to this day i tollarate her , and as for my daughter i wont let her stay all night with her ,she lost her right to have my daughter her grand daughter to spend the night with her when she cover up a lie and minaplated me<br />
by lieing and covering it up . so now its 2010 her husband has died 2 years ago and now shes giving her grand daugher back to her mother the grand daughter 14 year old now . i think its all been about money her granding the grand daughter becalse shes getting a social seceruty check for the grand daugher and now thats shes gona be losing that check when the childs 18 shes ready to give her mother back her daugher , see the daughter was at that time all the things that i said but the mother used it agains the daughter to take her child , i dont know why the daughter didnt fight her mother <br />
i would have , so the first day i met his mother the first words out of her mouth to me was let me raise your daughter and home school her. i told her ive fought to hard with my ex to keep my daughter iam capable of raising my daughter .

I am very confused by this experience shared. I read it a few times, and I was lost. So, you're sister in law confided in you that she was molested by her father. You went to what could potentially be deemed her abuser, and accomplice (mother in law that possibly may have done nothing about it, or just never knew) and asked if it were true? Why? What were you going to gain from either of them admitting to their crime? Would you have taken custody of your sister in law's child? Did you really believe either of them would have said yes? Do you recall the austrian monster that molested his daughter for 18 years and fathered several of her children, and even raised 2 of her children as his grandchildren? If you recall thi monsterous story then the fact the father asked if you believed her should have sounded alarms, and you therefore could have anyonmously called child services. I mean I don't get it. How exactly did she lie? You assume she lied because she left her child in their care? By the way, you didn't mention why her child is in their care... This story just seemed a bit incomplete, then again, some of it may have been lost in translation.

for sure

somewhere, people got it worse than you, i'll bet.

God I would be so angry I would knock her out putting my child in danger.