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Please Don't Lie To Me

I know people tell all manner of lies for various reasons.  There is the white lie, the little lie, the big lie, and every kind of lie inbetween.  It seems to be an epidemic at times.  There are some weeks where I am told so many lies that I have to laugh at what people tell me.  

I tend to dismiss lies as quickly as I hear them, unless they have a direct impact on myself or my friends.  If not, then I choose not to spend the time languishing over them.  Besides, as long as there are people, there will be lies.  

I hold my friends to a higher standard than I do strangers.  I expect my friends to be truthful with me, even when it means I may not like their answers.  I am very fortunate because I do have some dear friends that will be truthful with me, even when they know I may not like what they have to say.  

I never hold a grudge against them for telling me the truth.  I sincerely appreciate their candid honesty, and respect them all the more for it, even if I do not initially like what I hear.  That is one of the reasons why I adore and love them as I do - they are gold!!  

It always turns out though, that after mulling over what they say, I do come to see the truth of it.   I have some very smart, very dear friends, and I am grateful that they possess the integrity, honesty, and strength of character to stand firm on the truth, regardless of what others may think.

In a world of lies, I know I can depend on them to tell me the truth.
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 8 Responses May 15, 2011

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Very nice V! In principle I agree with my whole being. I try to live with the truth as humanly possible with no excuses for slipping. .........but this morning after dealing with a complete pill (short for A--hole) of a person I was asked by someone else who had no idea of what had just transpired how I was. I said "fine , how are you?" without the slightest hint of what I was really thinking. Lol.

Well, there are those little social lies. :-) If everyone told the truth every time we asked, "How are you?" then we might find ourselves engrossed in some very longwinded and complicated stories, or perhaps some curt responses like, "I would be fine if it weren't for pills like you!" lol

Is this your way of telling me that you enjoy lying? As for my hand getting sore - I will have to resort to swatting you with a stick then. I had no idea I would be swatting you that much! Thank you, though, for the fair warning. I will be on my guard, and will feel free to avail myself of opportunities to hone my skills in the fibbing arena! :-)

I knew it didn't really have anything to do with Nina. I just thought it was funny that you wrote that immediately after what I said - I could tell that you were referring to stuff that was more serious than me winding you up a bit.<br />
<br />
If you're going to hit me every time I lie to you, though, then your hand is going to get pretty sore.

P.S. - Shame on you for fibbing to that girl that Edinburgh Castle was 30 years old! lol As for Princes Street, I confess, I know nothing of it, so I would have no reason to disbelieve you! But, one thing for sure, I will be doing my homework before I visit Scotland, so as you show me around your fair country, I can swat you every time you try to pull my leg!!

TNP - no, this has nothing to do with Nina. I forgive you for that! :-) But I'd still punch you in your arm and flog your bum!!<br />
<br />
This story came about by combing through all my experiences to see which ones I have yet to write about - there's no connection to Nina at all!<br />
<br />
But on second thought, I should have played this one out and pulled your leg, and told you I was distraught because of what you had said about Nina. lol

Did you write this after what I said about Nina? I can see the potential for some tension between us. I tell lies all the time.<br />
<br />
I once told a Texan girl that Edinburgh Castle was only about thirty years old. I told her my cousin and I used to skive off school so we could stand on Princes Street and watch it taking shape as it was being built.<br />
<br />
I tell absolutely huge, extravagant lies - and then I'm surprised when people actually believe them.

I am happy for you, Dockedwards - I know the special blessing these unique souls bring to our lives. :-)

Dear friends like that are a treasure. I'm fortunate to have some.