I DETEST liars with every bone in my body. I don't mind little lies, as everyone makes them... but people that lie about bigger things.... I hate them. I'm not perfect, I've lied many times before but never about somthing important... The only time I will actually lie is to get out of trouble with my mom or avoid bullshit with people. Other then that I don't, I tend to say things like they are, I'm pretty damn blunt. I have been lied to and hurt by those who I thought would never do such a thing. It's such a stab in the chest when someone you love lies to you. I'd rather hear the truth, even if it hurts, because a lie hurts 10x worse.
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I Know where you are coming from after being lied to by the person i was engaged to for no other reason than it does not concern me and has nothing to do with me!! After canceling our date on one of the 2 nights i get too see her a week and could not tell me what she is doing other than she is busy! Not that it has anything to do with me :( this unfortunatly opened up a history of being lied to similar to this or telling me she was ill or too tired too see me rather than what she told other im having a quiet nite in watch a film or whatever. And Yes it hurts like ****!!!!

Oh! yes i agree! with you! darling! 100%,. <br />
Thank you for posting my young friend! :D

I completely agree with you!! I can understand the small things, but when it is something bigger?? Really? Not only are you lying to me but whatever trust and faith we had has either dwindled or is completely gone!!

Indeed. i completely agree