I Hate It

I dont understand why people lie so much even to their near ones. My husband is always lieing to me about small things.He never have the courage to tell me truth he cheated on me he have many girlfriends he goes out with them alot always he is giving lame excuses for his absence. Sometimes he even lie to me when he want to go out for some meeting related to his business. I feel so bad why he is lieing soo much he should try to tell me truth himself instead other people are telling me things about him.
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me too! its funny and a horrible at the same time when people tell a lie that is so easy not to believe.

Habaan m pa patience mo little stars

Sounds like he fears being totally honest with you. A few years ago, a research paper on lies spouses tell each other, indicated the most often lie is "I am OK" when asked if they were feeling OK. The other was "Is something wrong?" The lie by omission is where they have been. It is common for both spouses not to disclose every place they have been.

sometimes its hard when you learn the truth as long he comes home and remit all the money then nothing is to be worry for you im sure its not for long unless theres a friction anymore then you will know it for sure...

My dear friend, show that man the door and be done. You are far too worthy to put up with being lied to. I always tell my beloved daughter that a person who lies about the little things, will not hesitate to lie about the really big, hurtful things. Honesty and integrity aren't "pick and choose" qualities, you either have them or you don't. Best wishes on finding someone who will treat you as you deserve to be treated.