Liar,liar, Pants On Fire...

I have this crazy spidey sense thing that runs in my family - I posses the ability to be exceptionally empathetic. This is accomplished, mostly,in person. I'm not sure if it can work through our wonderful world of technology, i.e. through email or phone calls or message boards or blogs. Maybe...hmmm, don't know.

What the hell does that have to do with being lied to?, you ask! It means I can 99.999999% of the time tell if you are lying to me. Again, I mean in person, face to face. Even IF I don't know you all the well. My friends...OK, I really only have 2 or 3 - will not lie to me because they have seen first hand my bullshit meter. It's not about the person's "tells" that let me know - although I would be lying (HA! No pun was intended but it works...) if I said I didn't pay attention to those too. But some liars are really good liars and may not have any visible tells. I sorta-kinda pick up a persons vibe, feeling, sorta-kinda what they are feeling - it's hard to describe unless you got the spidey sense too...and THAT is how I know.

So - if it can be applicable and if it is possible - I will not simply call them out on it, No, I will put them in a situation that makes humbles them greatly. For instance, if a person tells me a fib about another person in the room I will get them together and then with the liar standing right there say to the other person in the room "So-so said that you...." and then I sit back and watch the sparks fly.

Why yes, I do instigate. But here's the deal...none of this would have happened if they hadn't lied. It's simple. I hate, don't lie to me.
MollyB1972 MollyB1972
36-40, F
Apr 5, 2012