This one is fairly simple. I've been fortunate enough to have had many people in my employ. I had two rules, don't lie to me and don't steal from me. Everything else could be worked through with diplomacy. Lying is a form of manipulation, a means for one to gain favor in a certain situation. One might think that no one suffers but when one gains favor, one loses favor.

I hate being manipulated. I'm a big boy, really. I'm 6'2" and over 200 pounds. Not only that I'm mature enough to handle any situation. I might like it but I can handle it. Don't play with me unless we have that understanding up front. And if you lie to me and I catch you in the lie. Don't pretend it's my fault. If you want to play with me without my permission, find someone else, please. I don't treat people as pawns nor do I like to be treated as one.
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You go P! I hate liars.

Thank you D!

You're welcome P!

Well put. I broke up with a compulsive liar and oh the damage his lies caused can never be repaired. If there were more men around with this viewpoint, so many women wouldn't walk around with broken hearts.

I see you're eating the heart of one of your lying FORMER employees! .......Liver?

Liver?..... This was a generalization.

I understood you....and I respect you....

Wow, amigo, this sounds serious. Noted. Now have an apple instead;)


I like it..honest, blunt and upfront. How many people are too cowardly to say what they mean and mean what they say. I think it also takes age and confidence to be able to say it...but some people never get to that stage. In my twentys I was very much a takes strenght to stand up for yourself..its just been in the past few years that I'm finally figuring this out for myself...always learning. :)

Thank you, smile. If anyone wants to know anything from me, it's as simple as asking.

OK! Gotcha! Good to know! :)

To me the best part of this is that you're upfront about it. You wouldn't believe how many employers, managers, hell.. people in general... want to be lied to, but don't like how that sounds. I'm happy to be honest with someone who can take it. Happier by far than i am being honest with someone who can't, and watching the liars and manipulators advance.

Rightfully so.

Thanks, honey

You're more than welcome. :)