I Hate Deceit, Too.

Wow, when I first read your post, I thought that I had written it myself!  I'm a prolific writer, and, seriously, I thought that your story was one that I had posted.

It's not all that dificult, taking charge of hundreds of employees; but you've got to set the rules,  (in CONRETE,) and yours are the same as mine. I'm not really 'working' anymore... at least not for anyone else... I'm a business consultant in a ski area,  where no  one  has any need for me.. (ah,well.. life happens!)...but I do have a few clients, mainly start-ups in the internet/ technology world.

If you're frustrated with your employees/job, I probably don't have to welcome you to the 'real world'. Other people are a challenge... I don't know WHY people don't strive to get along with one another...perhaps I was raised to be a total 'sucker', and thought that people really wanted to work together, to do something special (OF course,I was a bomb-maker at 8-yrs-old,,, nothing all THAT outrageous, but had a few fans/cohorts'); and that's the way life rolls.

I wish you the best. Probably, by this time, you've resolved your issues. I've always believed that honesty is the best policy... sometimes tempered with silence or 'little white lies'.. but it sure as H3LL is the easiest thing to remember!
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The truth told from any angle is still the truth

Yes it is...and when you find an angel, put me in contact with it!

I know a few. Heehee

Actually I manage a staff of six technicians (M+F) and a software engineer (F). All are extremely motivated in their work, I do my best to leave an excellent atmosphere in my lab. It's not so easy each day, but with a bit of understanding, patience and humour..lol<br />
I rarely play the iron hand in a velvet glove, it's better for all..