Why Must Men Feel The Need To Lie

About any little thing.... I find many men who are just complete and absolute liars, even when I tell them I hate being lied to. I am a very upfront person and can handle the truth even the hard truth. So if for some reason you don't have time to spend with me or talk to me why don't you just tell me the truth which is you are not interested in me for whatever reason, I would rather know that than the big "bs" lies I always seem to get. To me this equates to games which I hate in the worst way. Mind games are something you do in high school, not as an adult. Grow up learn to tell the truth, ya maybe I will feel hurt right then, but in the long run, I appreciate your honesty!
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I know where you're coming from. I've gotten the runaround any number of times from women I was interested in dating and getting to know better, when a simple "no, thank you, I'm not interested" would have been not only sufficient, but welcomed. It finally got to the point where I didn't bother to ask anymore. Living alone is (to me) preferable to constantly being lied to, or just as bad, having to deal with drama after drama after drama, rather than being told "no, thank you".

I do think things have changed a lot since we were kids - we seem to have a much better understanding of how to deal with people than the younger generation does - well, at least some of us do!

Good post!

I agree with you, if you are not interested, say so...I would much rather hear I am not interested or whatever then the string along bs game that people play. And drama? who needs drama?

I think things have changed as well and yes kids deal with things differently such as not actually communicating with people in person but email, texting or whatever.

Thank you!

Oh I'm definately with you on this one. I must be the Worlds WORST liar so gave up in early childhood. My trouble is I expect the same honesty back which I don't get. It seems everyone is "programmed" to lie on their CV's, profiles ect ect Why??? It really gets to me. I TOTALLY agree with you, honesty is soooo refreshing :) Thank you for posting this

Maybe that is my problem...I am not a good liar so I dont choose to do that. Plus then I get that idea in my head everyone was raised like me so of course they won't lie...haha You are very welcome! :-)

It cuts both ways I have had women/girls do the same to ease the blow but I was brought up to be straight and thats how I am .I will tell you if things are good or bad iys the only way to be!

I completely agree. It must be a relationship thing as opposed to a friendship type thing. I have over the years broken things off with men and I told them the truth and told it to their face, not over the phone, it is called being honest. :-)

Quite agree the latest thing is break-up by E-mail or text.Not very nice

and not an explaination either. What happened to common courtesies?

Think like commen sense it died when Political correctness took over!

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I have always said that I value honesty more than anything.

Love your well said.

Thank you, that is how I feel honesty is hard to find because people feel they are "sparing" someones feelings.

I agree

I agree....lying to someone only hurts them worse in the long run. However, it's not just men who lie....women can be just as dishonest. Honesty is the best policy for either sex...just tell the truth!

Absolutely thankfully my female friends know to tell me the hard truth even when I dont really want to hear it. But because I am not dating them, I dont get games played with my emotions. Because I date men, that is the emotional games that I get. But yes tell the truth I am a big girl and can handle it!

I do not think lying is a gender thing, which I expect to be contrary to you presumption.

I no where said it is a gender thing, I am saying that the men I meet (or chat with) feel this need to lie about crap for some stupid reason. Really I like the is refreshing!

"men" sounds kinda like a gender to me. You did say it was a gender thing. However, I do not think it is gender specific.

The only reason it says men is because I do not date woman. So the lies I get told are from men that I date or attempt to date. I am sure that woman do the same crap (thankfully I only deal with one sex for dating)

OMG I know exactly what you mean! It's like men think they are sparing us "emotional" women our feelings. I know some women who handle the truth better than some men! Playing these stupid little games is just a waste of time and energy, and based upon a chauvinistic assumption that you'll have a woman crying if you tell her you don't want her, or "fail to mention" a few key points....

Why does this happen?

You know? for the life of me I cannot grasp that whole concept. What is wrong with the simple truth? I can tell it...why can't they? Hey if you don't like me, want to be with me, or whatever....just tell me I am a strong independent woman I am NOT gonna go cry in the damn corner...PLEASE! lol

God, do I know that! I don't need my feelings "spared". Oh gee, how kind of you to lie to me and sugar coat the truth! Just what I always wanted!

Exactly! Now I am sure there are some woman out there that would much rather have their feelings "spared" I am just not one of them! Quit sugar coating ****...some of us woman can handle the truth completely!

Almost all of them lie. Are they so stupid and arrogant that they think that we will fall apart if they tell us the truth? I wish I had a dollar for everytime a man said he'd call me and then never followed through. They knew good and well that they never intended to call. I was never offended by the very few honest ones simply telling me they weren't interested or that I wasn't their type or what they were looking for. I respected them for their honesty. Being honest with the person you are dealing with shows respect for that person. Too bad most men either cannot or will not see that. I've been out of dating hell for a long time but but it still infuriates me when I think about how I was lied to over and over and over.

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