Meeting You For The First Time

Hey all of you out there, who ever you are i have a story that i have to share. Its the story of my love and me<3 its sad, joyous and a wild ride but im glad i decided to ride it now i just have to figure how im going to find a way back to it.

                The story begins the first day of the seventh grade in mr. Dodson's history class when we changed seats. I decided to sit next to my best friend Maria Hernandez she is like a sister to me and then a certain fellow decided to sit right next to me and well here is where it all began. Hello, my name is Sasha i said to the most enilightened face i have every seen his eyes where like hypnosis i just could not look away when his eyes meet mine i melted inside. I knew that second semester would be the best months of my life. Wow i finally met a guy who is a gentleman and even though we have never spoken a word to each other it felt like i've known him my whole life and just by that one glance i knew everything about him. He was sweet, a gentleman, funny,  and misunderstood, and judged by so many but i didnt want to judge him i wanted to be with him. While all this was going on in my head he replied Hi my names, Luis and uhhh his voice sounded so strong and protective even though i didnt know it yet i knew that he was the man i would fall in Love with. He looked at me and smiled i could still rememeber what he looked like and the way he said it. After that i just giggled and he laughed back and he whispered why are you laughing i whispered back I dont know haha and he just said your wierd haha and i said i know after that day i just couldnt stop talking to him. It was like we were meant to be together and that my world was now complete and nothing could ruin it. I went home that night really happy and i couldnt stop going back to that moment when his light brown sparkling eyes met mine and it felt like we were the only two in the whole world. It didnt take long for my parents to catch on, my father asked so whos the guy? huh and i didnt reply until my brother nudged me saying dads talking to you and i was like what huh and he repeated so whos the guy and i replied wha what guy? what are you talking about? theres no guy....  Oh yea then why you so quiet you are never quiet on the way home you always talk about what happened at school and today your different your eyes are all google eyed and you look as if you just had a big slice of chocolate cake( i really love chocolate lol).  Haha very funny dad but you make me sound as if thats the only reason why id be happy lol. He also said but your never happy you always have a grumpy face or are really mad and today your not and its true i normally am a grump but i dont know something about him tells me that i am capable of loving him but i dont know well going back to my story the next day i found myself thinking about him so much that i couldnt concentrate and i had to talk to him i needed to find a way to see him then i found out he was in a after school thing called ices or wrap so i joined to and i was in his same class and we would always write notes to each other and he would do these silly card tricks and magic and tell me funny jokes i could tell he never had a girlfriend before because he was so innocent and i thought that was cute because he tried so hard to impress me when in reality i was trying to be perfect for him even though his jokes werent funny i laughed because it was cute. Later in 8th grade he and i still liked each other and well he had his two best friends litteraly come get me and bring me to him. well after i kept refuseing to i finally gave in and went to him and with me relationships have not always been good for me i have always got hurt one way or another and i never think things through but i know that luis and i are so so different but in a we are exactly the same. Well when i got there he asked me to be his girlfriend and my mind kept telling me no becaue i had been hurt so many times i couldnt bare it again but my heart kept telling me yess i knew i was supposed to say no because my parents know i love him soo and they were afraid that i would run off with him never to return. My mom had my brother when she was 15 and i when she was 17 she was afraid that i would follow in her footsteps because she wasnt allowed to be with my father either but i wouldnt run off with him i just wanted to be with him and even though i knew the consequences i still said yess becaues he was worth the risk. i would go home smiling and happy and once i was already home my parents would bring my mood down and only in my dreams is where i could be completely happy because i was with him. Mother and father never approved but then again they never could understand me no one could i was alway born different i have always had a different view on the world. well i really dont know what to say but i said yes and we dated for 6 months and we had never kissed or really did anything we mainly got to know each other and we held hands and hugged but every time i was in his arms i felt safe i felt like nothing could touch me and that i could do anything i wanted
midnightwalker27 midnightwalker27
18-21, F
May 17, 2012