Cold Hard Truth

I have been lied to so many times and it is like why lie??? I think there is two types of lying. The one when you dont want hurt a persons feelings such if they ask am I gettin fat? You dont want say yes. Thats awful but I believe you should be honest with people when it comes to certian things. I believe if someone ask if they were wrong and they were tell them why sugar coat things who is it helping?
Beautifuldisaster101 Beautifuldisaster101
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

but seriously, most people lie out of self interest. how does telling the truth or a lie best serve them? <br />
like it not, everyone does it. even the little white lies serve our own best interest.<br />
if i ever want to get into her pants pants ya bettter believe i am not gonna tell her they make her *** look fat....

No I meant if you have a friend for example they say was I wrong for whatever they did but you know they are. Some people sugar coat it and not tell them hey your wrong. I believe we all lie I have lied but like you said a little white lie. If you ask me something you want a straight answer thats what I am giving you. lol.

i'm much the same way,but with less compassion for their feelings lol

ok ok ok...<br />
yeah those jeans do make ya look a Little hippy... but its all good... i love gals with big butts....