Don't They Understand It Hurts?

Don't the liars understand that their lies hurt? That they are terrible horrible people, who selfishly lie to serve their own purpose, and even though they are happy WE ARE ******* MISERABLE! I am so tired of being hurt. And I know that I am being lied to but I have no way of proving it. And I love the person who is lying to me so I don't want to just walk away but I am getting tired of being his fool. This sucks. I am hurt. Crying whenever I am alone. I can't do this much longer.
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

Im in the same ******* situation, my husband hurts me, lies to me. So true they lie to serve their own selfish purpose, it hurts so much.<br />
Even im sick of him but theres a reason i still care for him, i still love him, i feel like its more complicated on my side than for both of us. Thnx to EP that i hv ppl around who r suffering d same or i used to feel so alone.

I was referring to my fiance. Not the people on here.

I have found that out too there are some nice people here but a lot of people that are cruel and hurtful...the world has change dramatically from the 50's and 60's when I was younger.....I have been used, spied on and toyed with by people using more than one EP identity.. hope your feeling a little better....

I have been supporting dreams and the only one working and then I get called "whiny nag" and get told that is why I get lied to... :'(