Too Many Lies For Too Long

Having been raised within the confines of the Mormon / LDS Church you would believe that I would have learned to accept being lied to.

Since as early as I can remember, my life was filled with one lie after another. Some were meant to keep me ignorant of the universe around me, others were to make sure that i would become a mindless slave at the service of a religious corporation. The very foundation of the church was create out of a lie and only grew as more lies were added.

The church as a whole has absolutely no problem lying to its members, inviting them to spread to lies to others and hopefully lure them into the organization.

God is a man of flesh and blood, an ascended being who gave this world to his son Jesus, brother of Satan.
Those who followed Satan were cursed with dark skinned.
The Book of Mormons is the one and only true book.

So many lies, all designed to lure people into a way of life that isolates them from the rest of the world, and enslaves them to give all that they have to an organization that manipulates everything and everyone around it.

I broke free of the cage they had me in, and I could not be happier that I did. Unfortunately it has left me with some very deep scars, namely in that I cannot stand being lied to more than i have been before. Imagine a world were everyone actually told the truth all the time.

We made god into a mortal so that we could hope to lure young men into believing that they too could become gods.
We said that dark skinned people were cursed because the church was created in the southern US and that was the pattern of thinking at the time.
We created a book that was meant to be perfect in the eyes of our followers and had to make nearly 4000 corrections over the years to keep it "true" in the eyes of society.

If the truth was to actually come out, the Mormon / LDS Church would crumble into complete ruin. The truth though is that with BILLIONS of dollars coming in from blind followers every year, the organization will continue to lie and enslave more people out of greed.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Were you responsible for bringing anyone into the LDS?

Unfortunately yes, and I will be eternaly regretful for it. There is a reason why missionaries are always paired and are often followed by a third, this to insure that the weakness of one does not lead to possibly losing a new member.

Appreciate your honesty and i know what you mean about pairing.