Lds / Mormon -- A Numbers' Game

As of the last official count, the LDS / Mormon organization counted in the excess of 12 million members. Many will hold that number as proof of the organization's power and righteousness.

Like everything else in the organization though, it is when you look more closely that you begin to see flaws and deception. Unofficially, there are accounts of as little as 500,000 to as high as 2 million members who WANT to leave the organization but are afraid to do so because of family and local social pressures.

For the sake of mathematics, lets pretend that the actual number is somewhere in the middle, say 1.2 Million. This would mean that unofficially 1 out of ever 10 members of the organization WANTS OUT. That is a rather scary figure when you take a moment to think about it.

Now, added to this the fact that many are even too scared to answer truthfully for fear of being identified later on. Taking this into account you have to contemplate the possibility that there are possibly as close to 1/5 members, that's 20%, that are unhappy and want to leave.

There is a major problem with the organization. Beyond the facts that it lies to its own mebers and potential new members, the organization has become more business oriented then religious. Members are used for their physical and monetary resources to support the higher echellons. The simple fact that the head of the church is referred to as the "president" should point to a large problem.

The organization is far from being what it wants everyone to believe. Publicly it presents itself as the one and only church while ignoring its own past filled with lies, deceptions and white supremasist doctrines that were later edited.

To those inside the organization I say this: you are not alone. Make your voices heard and speak out against the organization that is enslaving people and destroying lives.

To those outside of the organization I can only offer this: look very carefully at everything before joining. Ask the though questions and do not accept the blanket, standard answers of the Elders and Missionaries who have only one goal in mind: to have you join. They care nothing about your soul, they simply want to see you join them thus proving that they were right.

Knowledge is power, so don't let them keep you blind to the truth.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
Jun 27, 2012