Forked Tongue

It has been a while since I was able to write a story here due to recovery, but now I'm back and feeling better. Now it's true that everyone has lied once in their life, and if you say you didn't...well just stop reading and move on to another story. However, there are people who think that its cute or helpful to just lie to someone. Oh yea we have all heard the excuse: "I didn't want to hurt your feelings". I mean seriously?! Even in relationships, people want you to believe they love you so much, they want to be with you forever, they will never leave you no matter what, but then later they sing another song and have the absolute nerve to want to get angry at you for calling them a liar. Well what is a lie? It's the opposite of the truth. If you say you love someone and then you hurt them, you don't love them and to say you do is a lie!! If you say you will be with someone forever no matter what, and then when life happens you break up with them, you told a lie! If someone asks you a point blank question and you choose to say one thing but your heart says the other, you LIED!! Some people just don't care either way because they are cold and heartless. Having someone you trust unconditionally is rare indeed. Now like I said we all have lied at one point, and some people lie because they might have been in a situation to where they told the truth but no one would hear their side so they figured, "Ill just lie since they won't believe me anyway". Even if no one will believe you, the truth is absolute and it will come to light. All we have is our word and reputation. They go hand in hand. I once wanted to be a lawyer but then I had a thought. I wondered what if I was defending someone like the man who murdered those innocent children. That means my job is to convince the court that he is innocent of the crime and that he should go free. I even wonder how Casey Anthony's lawyer sleeps at night. And its not that I get angry that someone lied to me, I'm pissed that I can't even believe them anymore. I really hope people realize how hurtful and harmful lying can be. Thx for reading!!
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Jan 8, 2013